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DECtalk DTC01 with a cat sitting on ithello!!! my name is oakley and i made this site to share my interests and thoughts and pictures... i also wanted to learn html & css. have fun reading!

best viewed on a computer, i don't know about phones.

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6/5/2024 - index page updated. *then on the next day i reworked the links page

22/4/2024 - music page made

16/3/2024 - changed up the layout of index

15/2/2024 - remade the webmaster page

11/2/2024 - 2024 blog css update And finally made an art page!!!!

28/1/2024 - namari hime shrine revamp! zoom out a bit if you have a small screen

13/1/2024 - Style revamp!!! royalblue v2 is finally here!!

3/1/2024 - Scary page + media library update + graphics updates

24/9/2023 - Movies and games I like


6/7/2023 - Added stuff to about page. New background and favicon.

16/3/2023 - Added a guestbook, wrote new journal entry.

13/3/2023 - You won't believe it... the pixel train moves now! Scroll down and see! Additionally, the favicon is a flower.

11/3/2023 - Edited colour scheme

4/3/2023 - Finished coding site layout and colour scheme!

24/10/2022 - Website created